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Over the last few months I have been going through a lot of dramatic changes in my life including those with family, my art, and my place in the world. The only way to survive in times of change is to adapt. I have been finding new ways of handling these changes in a more productive and progressive way. I don’t quite know where my path is taking me these days but with my knowledge and continued dedication to be a better me, I am headed to a greater place.

My art has always been improving over time but now with the skills I have acquired, I think it’s time to focus on the message of my pieces. I have become more conscious of the power in what I paint and create and want to use it for a bigger purpose. A lot of people are identifying with my work on t shirts as they to fight a similar battle to protect our planet. As an artist and a creative being, I find it is my responsibility to restore balance in a world being destroyed.

With the help of others in some of the groups I am affiliated with, we are slowly starting to shape the state of the planet. Teaching, helping, and motivating others has been the goal lately. In order to live in a peaceful way we all must be on the same plane of thinking. Everyday we are waking people up to a better way of life and soon we will all live as one.

My current situations in life leave me from doing what I want, and more so leaving me to do only what I am needed. With many skills I have found myself with many roles in this life, and I am trying my best to fill them. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming but with the support of my people I know we can make it.

Along with changes in my life I would like that to reflect in the website. I have changed the theme into a more lighter version as I believe I am at a lighter or higher point in my life. I will be making more changes as time goes on and really start to utilize this platform to it’s potential.

Thank you to my support both old and new. You all make this life possible for me and I am very grateful.

if you would like to show your support with purchasing some of my merch or artwork please visit the Print Shop Page.

got a lot of new stuff coming, thanks for sticking around.



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