About “Legun”

About “Legun”

Davin “Legun” Coriz is a Native American Multi-Media Artist.  Legun specializes in Airbrush, acrylics, portraits, body art, aerosol murals, screen print, photography, graphic design, bead work, painted jewelry, and music Production.

Having been raised in “Duke City” Albuquerque, he was heavily influenced by urban art such as graffiti and the tattoo/Chicano style seen in the Lowrider culture surrounding him. Coming from the Pueblo of Kewa, Legun tries to incorporate his own Native culture. Using designs found in traditional pottery throughout his art work is a reminder to not forget where he comes from.

From simple drawings on his school work papers, to landscapes on professional dancers, the young artist continues to build his repertoire through learning new techniques and ways to express himself through art.

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