New Mexican Native, Legun is an excellent example of the Land of Enchantment’s diverse culture. Coming from the Pueblo of Kewa, Davin “Legun” Coriz was raised into a very traditional community. His family as well as his people of artisans provided a rich background in creating. Being exposed to so much creativity at a young age sparked a flame that fueled an undeniable urge to learn. Through out his early schooling, Legun would soon find himself drawing great works with out any instruction. He would recreate images that he found appealing to his eyes. Besides becoming a very visual artist, he was fascinated in the creation of music. He had been exposed to many types of music from the traditional songs back home to the new rhythms he was being introduced to in the Duke City. Still on his thirst for knowledge he began to play guitar. Learning from some of the music he was into, his skills increased dramatically. The feeling of being able to do what his idols could do intrigued him. He soon started writing his own songs. After he graduated he used his knowledge of producing music and started recording. He would surround himself with people who had similar tastes in music as well as the same ambitions. After his second child came he sold majority of his Music equipment and was obligated to return his role as a visual artist. He continues to create music with the means he has available. His passion for sound keeps him creating.These are the sounds of a Higher Level, the sounds of Legun1989.


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