Reconnection Relocation Raffle

  • On July 4th Legun will be drawing 15 winners of the Reconnection- Relocation Raffle

Prizes Include

Water Warriors, #NoDAPL, & Connected by Water tshirts

Sea Shell and Stone Turtle Earring and Necklace sets

Carved White buffalo Necklace

Water Warriors Package with Stickers, Poster, and Patch

Blue and Green Tear Drop Earrings

Woodburned Box and Feather Earrings

Orlando Cruz- Love From the Frontline Poster

Painted Pottery Earring and Pendant set

Pueblo Camp Bandana

Beaded Earrings

and a 7″x14″ Painting by Legun

Since July 2016 Legun and his family have been living with out utilities due to complications with trying to have them connected. If after another failed attempt to have them connected, they have decided to move to Albuquerque and where Legun does much of his work. The house he and his family are currently in was inherited by his lady after her mother and grandmother passed away close to a month of each other. Due to some dissagreements with the family, regulations of the pueblo, lack of funds for deposits to start new accounts, and Leguns time on the road and dedication to his work, the connection has continued to be put off. The purpose of this Raffle is to raise funds to pay for connection costs or a deposit on a new place. Prior to moving to Paguate, Legun and his family lived in Albuquerque and plan on moving there if the utillities stil cannot be connected. Though they are conent and make due with what they have. Legun and his family could do even more work with the proper amenities. Thank you for your participation.

Tickets are 1-$5 3-$10 or 6-$20

15 winners will be chosen at 6 pm mountain time on July 4th Good Luck!

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