Water Warrior Gear

     I have recently been adding items to the Print Shop including tshirts and hoodies with my designs including the #NoDAPL, Connected by Water and Water Warrior design. I have been pleased to see that my work can help represent a movement for a better tomorrow. I have received pictures of people wearing the Water Warrior symbol with pride in actions or when showing support in camps and other communities. Messages have also been sent to me about how have been gifting them to people within the movement and others in need.

     Though I have always had the dream to create a clothing line from my art work before, besides one design with the DIY drawing method for silk screening,  I had only created shirts before with stencils or when I had learned to use an airbrush. With an airbrush and my skill for drawing what I can see, images on shirts were painted at events or feasts as well as for custom orders. One problem with the airbrush is that when doing multiple orders of the same image, they would be slightly different as each were hand painted. the silk screen process makes it easier to create duplicates of the same image. What made it possible to create the first #NoDAPL tshirts to be printed was the blank white tshirts I would use to paint with the airbrush. They were the same as the style above. Later with the preference of black shirts we created a black version with a white print.

With the support growing I have been receiving input to change up the colors a bit on some of the designs. Originally Black with a Turquoise print the Water Warrior Tshirts have a new found favorite with the Turquoise on a Purple shirt. I have also added other color/ink combinations as well for those who may not like purple. If there is a color combination you think should be applied as well please feel free to let me know.

     It has been known that uniform dress has been used as a means for some to show unity like for teams or groups, while others use it as a way to imply power like police officers and members of the military. In the times we are currently facing it is wise to consider both with the Power of Unity. My Connected by Water design was first intended for my Camp up in standing rock while fighting against DAPL. Much more wide spread now it unites and empowers people all over the world to fight for our mother earth and all that cover her surface. We are the protectors of this planet. Let it be known that we stand together and will fight for what we believe in! Thank you all for your continued support, Keep up the good fight! Water IS Life!



if you would like to represent as well please visit WaterWarriorGear.com!

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